Free Initial consultation and Patch testing.*

At your initial consultation we will take your details and medical history, examine your tattoo and discuss a treatment plan and cost expectations. If you wish to proceed with treatment after this we shall carry out a small patch test to check for skin suitability.


*Free initial consultation and patch testing for tattoos of medium size and above, when first treatment booked and paid in advance.

If your medical history or other factors following your assessment mean you are not suitable for treatment the consultation will still be free.


Treatment starts at £50 per treatment for small Tattoos.

For larger areas such as full sleeve or back pieces we would divide the tattoo into larger areas and treat these individually at 2 week intervals with no single area being repeat treated within 6 weeks


Small up to 5cm square £50

Medium 6-8 cm square £80

Intermediate 9-15 cm square £110

Major 16-20 cm square £150


Pre-paid course discounts

4 Treatment courses save 15%

6 Treatment courses save 20%

8 Treatment courses save 25%


Initial Consultation and Test Patch

£50 or free for tattoos of medium size and above, if first treatment booked and paid for in advance and also free if your are not suitable for treatment following assessment.


Exact prices and estimate of number of treatments required will be confirmed at the initial consultation.

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