Check out our Free Initial treatment offers and discounted treatment packages.


Free Initial Consultation including Patch testing.

Your initial and longest consultation will be free of charge for tattoos of medium size and above, when you book and pay in advance for  your first full treatment or if you are screened out due to medical history or skin typing issues.


Discounted Treatment packages available. Book and pay in advance for a multi treatment package and get up to 25% off

Pre-paid course discounts

4 Treatment courses save 15%

6 Treatment courses save 20%

8 Treatment courses save 25%


999 Discounts





To all our hard working colleagues and friends in the NHS, Prison services, the Police and Fire services. We know you don't get much thanks for all the incredible work you do. So let us say thank you with our "Mates Rates" 10% off all treatment fees and this can even be used in conjunction with our package discounts, giving you massive savings. Just bring your ID badge with you to your initial consultation and start saving.


Discounted Post treatment care packs 25% off.

We have put together the essential post treatment care package of Antiseptic cream, Pure Aloe Gel and Sun block. So you have all the bare essentials for post treatment care and get the best out of your treatment.

Reduced from £20 to £15 



Sun block
Aloe Vera gel
NHS Offer
Police offer
HMP offer
Fire brigade offer